National Real Estate Company

NREC is a long-time client of Amuse. In the past four years, the agency has helped the brand grow from a Houston-only presence to a country-wide competitor. 

NREC needed to optimize its SEM strategy to facilitate growth on a national scale. Amuse restructured the brand’s efforts and created a new approach that improved overall performance and would position the brand for long-term future growth.


Cost-per-customer under $14

  • 800%

    Increase in leads in the first three months of campaign

The Challenge

The brand went through a period of rapid growth but found that its SEM strategy was not adaptive enough to accommodate this advancement. 

NREC came to Amuse requesting a new, streamlined strategy that would be easy to update as their business continues to grow, and that marketed it effectively throughout the complex network of locations in which it operates.

Strategy & Implementation

Our team created an SEM campaign structured around targeted messaging that spoke to homeowners, renters, and competitor home builders. Keyword optimization, especially geomodification, played a vital role in identifying the most beneficial audiences. 

Print mailers were also used to increase the brand’s reach in its footprint, and zero in on the specific locations – down to the zip code – where the company could find the best sources fro leads.


Amuse created and leveraged print mailers to build a local presence and target potential customers looking for new homes in key locations where NREC operated. 

Mailers were especially useful in engaging the kind of detailed targets the brand wanted to reach at a zip code level. Each mailer followed clear brand guidelines to increase recognition of NREC’s name.

SEM Campaign

Our team created an extensive SEM campaign with an extremely thorough breakdown and optimization of messaging and keywords that would navigate the complex system of locations serviced by NREC. It was also set up to scale alongside the future growth of the company. 

Geo-modified keywords, unique to each city where NREC operates, were prioritized to capture customers looking to buy a starter home. Our team also used proprietary tools to push heavier keyword-level optimization that was instrumental in increasing phone call and form fill volume and quantity.