MAX Industrial Solutions

MAX Industrial Solutions

Max Industrial Solutions (MIS) had long had success through word of mouth and traditional channels, but it found itself falling behind the times: its brand was not ranking in online search and had fewer digital visitors than the company sought. To propel the brand forward, Amuse created a brand lift plan that updated the brand’s online presence.

As a Houston-based supplier of premium goods for heavy-duty industries, the company was also not ranking as well as it wanted to on search engines across the board. Amuse implemented a complete SEO and social campaign to help MIS increase its rankings.


  • 40%

    Increase in sessions in one month

  • #1

    In local searches for search term “hydraulic hose coupling”

The Challenge

As a B2B vendor whose products have applications across multiple verticals, MIS needed to rebalance its brand to appeal to a variety of potential clients, while being careful not to encroach on competitors that it frequently worked alongside.

Amuse was tapped to create a brand redevelopment plan that would give MIS a unique look and attract more online visitors. MIS was also having trouble ranking in search engines across the board. As a B2B vendor, it needed a broad set of terms to rank in so it could reach a wide variety of audiences.

Strategy & Implementation

The redeveloped brand needed to reinvigorate the online presence of MIS in conjunction with the launch of SEO and SEM campaigns also developed by Amuse. It would excite potential customers directed to the site from those campaigns and increase brand recognition worldwide.

Taking a deep dive into existing brand practices and analyzing MIS’s competitors allowed our creative team to create a redevelopment plan that would not only serve the client’s immediate needs but would allow room to scale with further growth down the line.

The overall focus for our team’s SEO and social strategy was local content. MIS made it clear that their top priority was increasing their visibility in the Houston market. To that end, Amuse created an SEO campaign that focused on search terms that came up more often locally. Meanwhile, our team’s social initiatives delivered robust local content first and foremost, with some national content for variety.


Amuse visited MIS’s office in Houston to get a feel for the values of the company and the common themes found in its workplace. Based on what the company stands for, our creative team worked closely with the client to craft a unique and meaningful logo that is immediately identifiable as belonging to the MIS brand and values.

UX & UI Design

Our team went through a comprehensive analysis of the MIS website and evaluated the user journey as it stood at the time. We found multiple opportunities for improvements that would streamline users’ search for information and increase their positive experiences with the site.

Because MIS was poised for significant future growth, the team anchored the website redesign on a strong, cutting-edge CMS that would easily scale content along with future business development.


Recognizing the need for a reliable source document for future projects, our team at Amuse created a robust identity kit for MIS that gathered all of our recommendations and the elements of the redeveloped brand.

A simple but extensive reference guide, the kit allows current and future stakeholders to create visuals that fit into the brand, for a unified look and feel.

Print Collateral

To support sales and further elevate the brand, Amuse also created a set of print collateral materials. These items, including signage and a catalog, were prepared so that the new brand experience was smoothly integrated across internal and external communications.

By including print materials in the brand redevelopment, Amuse helped MIS present itself as a dedicated and professional company that pays attention to the details.

SEO Campaign

To increase the variety of potential customers and the number of possible sessions, our team created an SEO campaign for all three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The team bid on and monitored multiple search terms across the board, with particular attention on related terms searched in the local Houston market.

Social Media

By focusing initial social media initiatives around LinkedIn, Amuse positioned MIS as an expert that was dedicated to reaching the industries it aimed to serve.

Our team’s plan also included a roadmap for future messaging on more varied platforms to increase the flexibility of the campaign in the face of future growth.