Mattresses for Less

Mattresses for Less and Landmark Furniture

Mattresses for Less and its affiliated brand, Landmark Furniture, each needed to build a new e-commerce platform in order to grow their online presence and market. 

Amuse partnered with them to not only build those platforms, but also develop a robust campaign to generate awareness for the brands and their e-commerce initiatives, which included both online advertising and traditional TV ads.


  • 5.49%

    Increase in page views

  • 189%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 209%

    Increase in search traffic to site

The Challenge

Mattresses for Less (MFL) and Landmark Furniture needed to revitalize their online experiences for customers looking to purchase items through their websites. MFL came to Amuse requesting the creation and promotion of e-commerce platforms for both brands.

Strategy & Implementation

To create a strong, cohesive online presence for both brands, our team combined the MFL and Landmark Furniture brands to share an e-commerce platform. With a singular destination in place, Amuse took extra steps to ensure brand recognition and an increase in awareness among potential customers by crafting and implementing a robust media campaign that included TV commercials, organic and paid search campaigns, a traditional print campaign, and other online tactics.

Content creation took into account both the current public perception of the two brands, as well as future opportunities for growth and development. Every aspect of the project needed to share a common voice and purpose of reinvigorating the brands.

UX & UI Design

By combining the e-commerce solutions for MFL and Landmark Furniture brands into one cohesive platform, our team created a convenient one-stop shop for customers to fulfill all their furniture needs. 

We worked to ensure that the website’s look and feel were consistent throughout and tied together both brands.


Amuse produced twelve television commercials over the course of a year, initially broadcasting them through traditional channels. 

Then, the team re-purposed and optimized them for YouTube as well for the client to get more value out of the production. The optimized videos spread a consistent message into a new space while respecting the differences between the channels. The TV campaign focused on building brand awareness, while the YouTube campaign was designed to appeal to online audiences.

Search Campaign

Amuse created a comprehensive search campaign for MFL and Landmark Furniture that included both SEM and SEO initiatives. 

Attacking search marketing from multiple angles meant capturing all possible search traffic, which allowed our team to grow traffic to the new site in a way that encouraged future organic growth.

Brand Campaign

To ensure that customers understood the single e-commerce platform, Amuse planned a brand campaign that would uplift the MFL and Landmark Furniture brands and help users easily identify the new singular platform. 

The brand campaign incorporated display banners, print assets, and a YouTube video campaign, all working together to promote the stores, both online and brick-and-mortar.

Print Campaign

Using our own research data, we targeted a print campaign toward audiences located near brick-and-mortar stores. 

Visually engaging print assets conveyed informative brand messaging in line with what the team developed for the larger campaign as a whole.