Local Furniture Retailer

LFR came to Amuse with the goal of making its name synonymous with the words “Houston furniture store.” It wanted to drive both on-site conversions and in-store traffic by boosting its presence in search results.

Our team created a comprehensive search engine optimization plan to bring LFR to the forefront of the Houston furniture industry.


  • 65%

    Rankings increase for monitored search terms

  • 28%

    Increase in organic users within first two months

  • 30%

    Increase in organic sessions within first two months

  • 5K

    Additional sessions per month

The Challenge

LFR had an aggressive conversion and traffic goal for 2016, which was hindered by inefficiencies in their existing SEO practices. The most significant obstacle was that they did not have a strong web presence and were not ranking in search results for any monitored terms.

They turned to Amuse to implement a plan that would not only address these issues but would continually drive increased traffic and a higher volume of successful conversions.

Strategy & Implementation

After evaluating LFR’s existing SEO strategy, our team built an entirely new program from the ground up, addressing technical aspects of their site structure and improving search engine rankings with key SEO best practices. 

SEO Program

By focusing on improving LFR’s site structure, our team’s SEO program addressed existing issues while paving the way for future growth.

To signal search engines that LFR’s site was the most valuable resource for the key terms that drive the company’s business traffic, we created a program that included custom coding, link-building, content creation, and region expansion.