Level Up

Sciencing Your Way

A few times a year, Amuse hosts Level Up, an ongoing thought leadership series. Advertising and marketing professionals are invited to attend the event hosted at Amuse headquarters to enjoy presentations and interactive workshops that explore cutting-edge innovations and proven best practices in search, design, digital advertising, branding and more. 

In 2016, our social media team created a unique presentation that was both eye-catching and informative for a special Level Up that featured the tie-ins between research, analytics, content and social media campaigns.


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The Challenge

The world of social media is vast and constantly becoming more complex. Our social team wanted to create an engaging, interactive presentation for the event. The goal was to walk attendees through the challenges and intricacies of crafting effective social campaigns in a world where everyone has a voice and control over platforms is entirely decentralized. 

Strategy & Implementation

The core of this specific Level Up was a microsite developed by the Amuse team. In an inventive twist on the traditional presentation, the team created an entire interactive website to serve as a fun, simple illustration of the breadth of social media possibilities. Modeled after the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, the gamified presentation made it easy for attendees to grasp the results of investing in specific areas of social media and content marketing. 

After the event, the microsite link was mailed out to the guest list to welcome users to continue exploring different choices.


Leveraging the engaging nature of games, the microsite featured an extensive number of decisions that users could choose from when making their way through budgeting for a theoretical social and content campaign. 

At the event itself, decisions were made by majority vote and then entered by the Amuse social team as they went through their presentation. The team wrote 54 different endings for the massive choice tree, all available through the microsite, and crafted a simple but entertaining storyline to tie everything together.