DTI Global

For an assignment of truly global scale, DTI hired Amuse Digital to develop a complete brand redesign and a new website. Our platform solution included a dynamic functionality with CMS capabilities that could service and align all of DTI’s 70 worldwide offices.


  • 92%

    Increase in visits from unique users after the new site launch

  • 63%

    Increase in total traffic to the site within 3 months of launch

  • 58%

    Increase in total page views

  • 10%

    More content consumed by referred users than before

  • 11%

    More time spent on the site

  • 9%

    Drop in tablet bounce rate

The Challenge

Amuse Digital was tasked with creating a scalable new website that seamlessly incorporated new acquisitions while clearly communicating the overarching brand purpose and showcasing their extensive selection of services – a significant task.

DTI also required a flexible technology solution and CMS that would allow for easy updates and changes to maintain the dynamic functionality and relevance of the website.

Strategy & Implementation

Using user experience design principles backed by in-depth research and strategic execution, Amuse Digital designed and built a new DTI site that provided a comprehensive, responsive, and user-friendly experience. In addition, we created a fresh look and feel and implemented a style guide to ensure branding consistency in the future. Amuse told the story of DTI through custom photography, videos, iconography, and copywriting, while optimizing the site with key calls-to-action.

As inorganic growth is a powerful part of their business model, the site was also made to accommodate acquisitions and functions as an orientation tool for new personnel.


To establish an organized and professional aesthetic, we carefully designed a style guide. Custom iconography coupled with a unique sub-navigation of locking panels allowed users to easily navigate through dense and technical subject matter. The interlinked site architecture allows visitors to seamlessly move from one section of the site to another, ensuring longer engagements and increased interaction.

Online Video

To further condense the site content, Amuse Digital created video assets to quickly convey company messaging and to clearly explain areas of the site focused on highly specialized content.

Target Audience

The website needed to speak to all possible DTI audiences who serve a variety of sales and support functions. In addition, the site needed to reflect the company’s recently expanded global presence. The target audience was broad: it included DTI personnel, current and prospective DTI clients, and future DTI employees.

Social Media Strategy

Facebook is the perfect channel to show a more approachable side to a global company. Amuse implemented a social strategy to aid recruitment efforts, feature services, and provide a peek into company culture. The Facebook page is also a place where branches around the world can highlight events and achievements.