Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of The Americas

Circuit of the Americas (COTA), the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S., wanted to establish itself as a premier destination for motorsports and entertainment. 

That meant increasing awareness not just of its world-class race track, but also building a brand that integrated the facility’s other amenities and experiences. Our team created a multifaceted brand integration hub on the Houston Chronicle’s to highlight the brand-critical aspects of COTA.


  • 3.6M+


  • .56%

    Average CTR on hub

  • 29

    Seconds avg. interactive banner engagement

  • 3,667,405

    Total impressions

  • 1.04%

    CTR on interactive experience module

  • .11%

    CTR on homepage banner

The Challenge

COTA needed to clearly and memorably convey its value and status as more than just a simple race track. Unfortunately, awareness of the company’s events and commercial potential was lacking.

They came to Amuse looking for an extensive campaign aimed at highlighting COTA as a world-class entertainment, education, and business center that drives the Texas economy.

Strategy & Implementation

To reinforce COTA’s brand, inform and engage viewers, and drive traffic to the client’s site, our team built a brand integration hub that was home to several different types of content.

Leveraging Amuse’s relationship with the Houston Chronicle, we created a custom destination within featuring exclusive content such as sponsored articles, infographics, an interactive module, and links to COTA’s social media pages. Additionally, our team instituted a homepage takeover of and a robust media campaign that directed readers to the brand
experience hub.

Brand Integration Hub

Called Experience the Fast Track, this hub was home to assets aimed at informing viewers, reinforcing COTA’s brand, creating an engaging experience and ultimately leading users to COTA’s website.

Amuse wrote six sponsored articles to live on the custom destination. Each article highlighted a different aspect of the COTA brand – racing, action sports, and music, for example – with CTAs aimed at getting readers to go to COTA’s website to learn more woven throughout.


Our team also created two infographics as part of the campaign’s partnership. Our creative and content teams crafted each infographic with the goal of shareability in mind, equipping fans and brand ambassadors with engaging tools to spread the message about COTA.

Interactive Module

Using informative content, eye-catching visuals, and nonintrusive interactions, the interactive module our team created gave users a chance to learn more about COTA’s venue and events in an engaging and memorable way.

Media Campaign

Recognizing the unique opportunity afforded by Amuse’s relationship with the Houston Chronicle, our team created an extensive media campaign to inform users of the website about COTA. Part of this campaign included a homepage takeover of, which displayed COTA’s brand messages to millions of potential users. 


Beautiful visuals created by our creative team were the centerpiece of several rich media banners that lived throughout the ecosystem, with special emphasis on the homepage and sports page sections of the site. These banners were created with the goal of driving traffic to the brand integration hub built by Amuse.