Beachside Texas

Beachside Development Group

Beachside Development Group, a Texas-based land developer, holds a one-day sale of waterfront properties every quarter. Wanting to move beyond the traditional media through which it has always advertised, the company brought Amuse on board to help drive less expensive, more qualified leads online. Our team created a campaign combining SEM and social media advertising initiatives that drove phone calls, form fills and greater brand awareness among prospective buyers.


76% lower cost per lead through digital as compared to traditional media.
Lead volume on par with traditional media

  • 310

    Total appointments booked

  • 55

    Lots sold

  • 370

    Phone calls logged

  • 105

    Lots showed

The Challenge

Beachside’s sales events are only held for one day each quarter, which limits the amount of time that a campaign can be live and still be effective.

Amuse found that a three week campaign was ideal for generating awareness of the offering and giving potential buyers time for consideration and ultimately to make an appointment for the event.

Strategy & Implementation

Amuse created a responsive landing page designed specifically for lead generation and drove traffic to it with a combination of SEM and paid social campaigns.

Because the campaign was running for only a brief window, the team was tasked with responsive, real-time optimization of targeting, creative, bids and ad types as data from the campaigns came in.

SEM Campaign

Alongside a paid social campaign, our team created an SEM campaign aimed at engaging qualified traffic and boosting participation in Beachside’s sales event. As the three week campaign progressed, our team used the data received from online form submissions and phone calls to optimize the keyword mix and bid modifiers.

The team created a campaign that was both comprehensive and flexible, so that as more data came in, they were able to refine targeting and shift marketing dollars toward the channels that most effectively and cost-efficiently drove high-quality leads.

Paid Social

A paid social media campaign used eye-catching imagery and strong calls to action to invite the target audience to imagine themselves living the waterfront lifestyle, and ultimately drive those users to the custom landing page created by Amuse.

Much like our team’s SEM efforts, the social strategy for this campaign was continuously optimized in real time as more performance data became available, with messaging and budget refined to increase the generation of qualified, low-funnel leads.