Search Engine Marketing (PPC) in Houston

Our Pay Per Click Company prides itself on the PPC and strategy optimization services we provide. Whether it be Paid, Search Marketing, or SEM… There are so many names for advertising on search engines that just finding help can seem like a daunting task. Amuse understands how confusing the search landscape can be, which is why we work closely with our clients to create long-lasting, transparent PPC campaigns targeted to meet or even exceed your conversion goals.

There is no better opportunity for a brand than to be present the very moment a potential customer wants to discover, learn about, or buy the products or services that you can deliver. Search Engine Marketing (PPC) allows you to reach those users based on their real-time searches.

This medium is table stakes for any conversion-centric company, but without in-depth knowledge of the industry, it can get costly very quickly. Our expert search team leverages new technology and seasoned experience to craft and optimize campaigns. We continually refine keywords and ad formats to home in on those consumers who are highest to convert. This maximizing your cost per engagement to make the most of your budget. Take a look at how our campaign for Creative Blinds cut the client’s Cost Per Lead in half.

Search Engine Marketing will activate potential customers anywhere along the funnel. This includes those who are already aware of your brand through other marketing channels and those who will discover your company for the first time via a non-branded search. This integrated approach can increase lead volume through calls, clicks, or form fills. Read our Innovative Insulation case study to see how we increased their lead volume by 300%. We’ll reach a wider audience of customers for your brand through relevant keyword lists, engaging them with ads that highlight your value proposition, and convert via data-driven optimization.