Women in Science with Excellence (WISE)

WISE is our “passion meets purpose” client. It’s one of our pro bono accounts and a brand that we built from inception to execution. Amuse Digital had the opportunity to collaborate with BioHouston on their new cause. The assignment included branding, web development and communication plans that would drive awareness and corporate donations.


  • 6,000+

    Unique sessions

  • 5,000+

    Unique users

  • 15,000

    Page views

  • 70%

    Site traffic from new visitors

  • 1:35

    Average session duration

The Challenge

BioHouston approached Amuse to create branding and raise awareness for their new cause. At the time, the sole element of the initiative was their annual luncheon. Their goal was to create programs to facilitate interactions with true female pioneers, giving young women inspiration and essential resources to abolish barriers and actualize their dreams in male-dominated fields. BioHouston needed a brand: a distinct presence that would allow the initiative to stand on its own while still aligning with BioHouston’s overall charter. 

Strategy & Implementation

First, we worked together with BioHouston to come up with a name – a distinct and meaningful spearhead to the brand initiative. This is how WISE was born. To further develop their organization, Amuse then prioritized the creation of three branding elements: a logo, a website, and a video campaign. 

After creating a simple, but impactful logo, we modeled a website after it to complete the brand experience. It became a central destination to communicate event information, showcase honorees, and recognize sponsors. We also shot a video series to give WISE honorees a medium to share their stories.


The WISE logo is a simple blue particle, symbolizing the power of the individual to effect change through STEM. Amuse chose a blue that is light, airy, and approachable.


As a non-profit benefiting an under-served demographic, WISE needed to speak to young female participants, corporate donors funding the program, and inspirational female mentors.


The website showcases the forward-thinking attitude of the non-profit with novel use of CSS animations and a JavaScript parallaxing particle system inspired by the logo. With several moving visuals, the website is a dynamic experience without being intrusive or overwhelming. 

Honoring extraordinary female STEM professionals with full bios on the webpage served to inspire young women and provide additional publicity to drive corporate donations.


The series of videos allowed professional honorees to share their motivational life stories. WISE spreads their inspiring messages to young women around the world.