Trendmaker Homes

Amuse Digital was not just contracted for its cost-efficient video production capabilities, but also for its compelling storytelling. The Amuse creative and production teams created an aspirational video that took the audience through a day in the life of a Trendmaker home.  


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    More views than Trendmaker's previous highest-viewed video

The Challenge

When homebuyers walk through a model home with other builders, they are often disappointed to find that most, if not all, of their most desired features are upgrades. Trendmaker asked Amuse to create a video to highlight that many features often considered upgrades by most builders come standard in Trendmaker homes. 

Target Profile

The video was intended for homebuyers already deep into the consideration phase of their purchase, when they are shopping specific homebuilders. Families visit the Trendmaker Homes Design Center to explore their domestic potential – and these families were our target. 

Strategy & Implementation

The home-buying process often gives people time to reflect on their highest aspirations for a home. We created a video that took the audience on an emotional journey through their domestic dreams and possibilities. Throughout the spot, we elegantly demonstrated how the standard luxury features of a Trendmaker home could elevate even the smallest parts of everyday life.


We wrote and produced a four-minute video following a family through a day of tranquil domesticity in preparation for a household meal, incorporating all the standard luxury features of their Trendmaker home. Every time a family member uses one of these features, it is highlighted with a tasteful visual callout. In the spot, we feature a young family, an older couple, and a third traditional family, all utilizing standard “upgraded” features in their Trendmaker homes. After watching each family prepare, we then see them all come together for a loving family dinner party.