We are a marketing agency built for the modern world where consumers are in the driver's seat.

Amuse is in the two-way communication business, which is all about making connections. We start by bringing research data to bear on clients’ challenges, so we can craft exactly the right messages and channels to reach the audience where they are. We help clients navigate the interconnected world of digital media, and all the myriad touch points brands have with their audiences. And when we connect our clients’ business goals with next-level marketing and communications strategy, we deliver powerful results.

Our Advantage

Our consumer-first approach to research and our access to 100 million unique audience members provide us with exclusive insights into the consumer’s journey from content consumption, brand engagement, social media activity, and web behavior to purchase intent. 

From these insights, we craft a consumer-centric strategy that can include any combination of media planning or buying, messaging, UX, web design, content, and everything in between. And because we own the distribution of our media, we can guarantee audiences and engagements where others can’t. 

Our Culture

The other advantage is our people. We’ve hand-selected the top practitioners in their field from all over the world and brought them together with coffee, donuts, and Mario Kart breaks to keep the creative juices flowing. We’re crazy smart – and sometimes just plain crazy – and we’re devoted to keeping things interesting.